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FFFF: Come Out As an LGBT Ally

Funny Feminist Friday Film square logoA cute new campaign from GLAAD features celebrities coming out of a literal closet in support of those fighting for LGBT equality.

Here’s Jackie Chan:

Tamala Jones:

I think it’s potentially problematic to imply that “coming out” as an ally is as risky as it is for LGBT folks, but I think it’s a simple campaign with a good aim. You can see the rest of the videos here.

And if you haven’t seen it yet – something more uplifting than funny is this video of the singing that broke out in the New Zealand Parliament after same-sex marriage was legalized earlier this week:

Happy Friday!




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FFFF: Spoof Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

FFFFHelp save straight marriages! Director Matthew Scott Hunter and Writer/Editor Brandon Muller share their send-up of ads playing to straight people’s fears about same-sex marriage.

Starring: Dixie Perkinson, David Storch, and Lainee Rhodes

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FFFF: Same-Sex Marriage Heritage Minute

FFFFIn 2011 Quebec filmmaker Dominic Poliquin made a spoof of a Heritage Minute ad that featured a gay Mountie proposing to his partner in the Armed Forces. Now he’s released another celebrating marriage equality, this time showing the story of a lesbian couple:

Happy Friday!


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FFFF: Case for Mammy/Daddy Marriage


You may have seen an ad from the anti-gay Iona Institute, which came out about a month ago, called “The Case for Man/Woman Marriage”. It’s an ad that’s targeted at an Irish audience and argues that denying lesbians and gays the right to marry isn’t discrimination, because they say the gays can’t raise kids in the same way straight people can. If you haven’t seen that video, you can watch it on YouTube.

What I do want to show you is this hilarious rebuttal video from Tara Flynn, who calls out the ridiculous, outdated, heteronormative arguments made in the original video, as well as the fact that Iona is tied to the American National Organization for Marriage, which is actively promoting anti-marriage equality movements around Europe.

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LGBT News Recap of 2012

Now This News recaps the biggest highlights and setbacks for LGBT rights in the US and worldwide from 2012.

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The Hamster Wheel Tries to Get Gay Marriage Opposition

Craig Reucassel of the Australian show The Hamster Wheel interviews people at an anti-same-sex marriage rally in Australia about why they’re in opposition. This aired the day after Australia’s Parliament rejected marriage equality legislation. As you might expect, the answers leave much to be desired (logic, for one):


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FFFF: “8″ and “Santoromentum”

Got two Friday Feminist Funny Films for you today. If you’ve got a bit more time, here’s the entire play “8″ written by Dustin Lance Black and directed by Rob Reiner about the fight against Prop 8 in California.

And if you’ve only got a couple of minutes, here’s Jimmy Kimmel on “Santoromentum”:


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