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FFFF: Hart on Gender Expression

Funny Feminist Friday Film square logoVlogger Hart has this hilarious response to why she doesn’t dress “like a woman”:

If you liked this, check out her Tumblr.

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It’s the Genderbread Person!

Genderbread Person
It’s Pronounced Metrosexual came up with this awesome infographic that helps clarify some gender binary terminology. The cool thing about it is how it shows all these aspects are on continuums – it’s not one or the other. And as the creator, Sam, points out, it shows: “Gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation are¬†independent of one another (i.e., they are not connected).” That means not everyone is stuck on one side of the chart or the other.

For a more detailed breakdown of the chart and the continuums Sam describes, visit the original post here.


(h/t to A. Lynn of Nerdy Feminist) 

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