FFFF: Hari Kondabolu on Colonialism and Having a Woman President

Funny Feminist Friday Film square logoHari Kondabolu knows how to use comedy to break down stereotypes. Case in point:


Happy Friday!


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FFFF: Same-Sex Marriage Heritage Minute

FFFFIn 2011 Quebec filmmaker Dominic Poliquin made a spoof of a Heritage Minute ad that featured a gay Mountie proposing to his partner in the Armed Forces. Now he’s released another celebrating marriage equality, this time showing the story of a lesbian couple:

Happy Friday!


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FFFF: BAMF Matchmaking

FFFFIn a recent episode of BAMF Girls Club, Buffy tries matchmaking housemate Hermione with Willow.

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FFFF: The Fake Geek Girl Myth

FFFFChloe Holgate stars in this video parody that pokes fun at the idea that there are “fake geek girls” and that they’re deeply threatening to nerdy guys.

If you’re not familiar with the debate around “fake geek girls”, the film creators recommend checking out these links:

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FFFF: Case for Mammy/Daddy Marriage


You may have seen an ad from the anti-gay Iona Institute, which came out about a month ago, called “The Case for Man/Woman Marriage”. It’s an ad that’s targeted at an Irish audience and argues that denying lesbians and gays the right to marry isn’t discrimination, because they say the gays can’t raise kids in the same way straight people can. If you haven’t seen that video, you can watch it on YouTube.

What I do want to show you is this hilarious rebuttal video from Tara Flynn, who calls out the ridiculous, outdated, heteronormative arguments made in the original video, as well as the fact that Iona is tied to the American National Organization for Marriage, which is actively promoting anti-marriage equality movements around Europe.

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FFFF: Don’t Give Up on Birth Control

FFFFBedsider.org has a pretty funny PSA reminding you that you didn’t give up on sex, so don’t give up on birth control either:

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FFFF: Ordain a Lady

FFFFThe Women’s Ordination Conference released this “Call Me Maybe” parody video as part of their campaign to press the Catholic Church to allow women to be ordained as priests, bishops, and deacons.

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