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Building a Feminist Comments Policy

by Jarrah Hodge

As Gender Focus’ readership has grown over the past few years, we’ve encountered more situations where a few trolls visit the site and spend what seems a inordinate amount of time refusing to listen and/or trying to bait me or a contributor into one fallacious argument or another.

So, what do we do when we get a flood of comments like that?

Well, Gender Focus does have a comments policy, modelled after the excellent policy at Bitch Magazine blogs. My experience as a contributor there was that it always felt safe to post and comment. I could be reasonably assured that people disagreeing with me were at least hearing me out and considering their responses.

I wanted that for Gender Focus. I wanted to strike a balance between allowing for debate and ensuring contributors and commenters feel safe expressing their opinions and not being subject to silencing tactics.

To that end, here are a couple of the key items in the policy: Read more

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