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Feminism F.A.Q.s: Did Feminists Burn Bras?

Feminism FAQs Title Screenby Jarrah Hodge

I’m pretty happy to have got my Feminism F.A.Q.s mojo back with this new edition: Did Feminists Burn Bras?

You may notice I have a bit of a new look for the videos and I’ve improved the sound quality significantly. I have two more new ones I’m in the process of editing and I re-filmed 3 of the older ones using the better mic and lighting, so I’ve removed those from my YouTube and the Feminism F.A.Q.s page on this website until that’s done.

As usual, please comment below if you have any topics you’d like me to cover in future videos , and these videos are designed as a resource for other feminists and bloggers to help you deal with these questions in an accessible, and succinct format. So feel free to share!

Special thanks to Anita at Feminist Frequency for sharing her experience and helping me resolve some of my tech issues.

(photo in the video is from Duke University Special Collections, via Media Myth Alert) Full transcript after the jump.

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