Write for Gender Focus

Gender Focus welcomes submissions from guest bloggers of all gender identities, races and sexual orientations. You don’t have to be or identify as Canadian. As a Gender Focus guest blogger, you will have the opportunity to create a useful resource for feminists, get out underreported news and opinions on a variety of issues, gain blogging experience, and have a productive outlet for expression.

The first thing you should do if you’re interested in contributing is to send me a short email at jarrahhodge@gmail.com to let me know who you are, if you have any blogging/writing experience or experience with feminist or progressive organizations, and what you’re interested in writing about.

For reference, feminism is defined in this document and on the blog as a “movement to end sexism, sexual exploitation, and oppression”, including but not limited to oppression based on race, sexual/gender identity, disability, class and age.

Appropriate Types of Blog Items

Issues We Cover

Picking Blog Topics

Writing Guidelines

All blog items should be turned in via e-mail as a Microsoft Word or Google document (attach images to your e-mail) to jarrahhodge@gmail.com by a mutually agreed-upon deadline. If for any reason you cannot meet your committed deadline, please let me know in advance. If your post is accepted it will usually be posted within a few days of being received. I will edit blog submissions for grammar, spelling, and style and will re-submit edited articles to you for your final sign-off. All blog entries will be posted with the signature of the author — either your initials, first name, full name, or pseudonym if requested.

Any questions? E-mail jarrahhodge@gmail.com.