Feminerd Miis

Maddow Mii

If you follow this blog regularly you’ll know I’ve been doing a guest blog series called Revenge of the Feminerd for Bitch Magazine blogs. This post is a supplement to a post that’ll go up there on Monday June 20, on how to make Miis for Nintendo Wii based on famous feminist nerds.

When I started my blog series at Bitch, I asked readers to comment on their feminerd role models, and they had lots of great suggestions. Some already had instructions at MiiCharacters.com, but some weren’t and I had a couple ideas of my own.  So here are detailed instructions for how to make Miis of Kari Byron from MythBusters, Rachel Maddow, and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.

I’m not making recommendations for Mii height/weight and favourite colour, so feel free to take license on those.

Penelope Garcia

  • Face – row one, column 2. Colour – row 1, column 1.
  • Facial countours – row 3, column 1.
  • Hair – Page 6/6, row 4 column 2. Colour – 2nd row, 4th column.
  • Eyebrows – Page 2/2, row 2, column 1. Colour – 2nd row, 4th column. Tilt clockwise and move up 1.
  • Eyes – Page 3, row 3, column 1. Colour – blue.
  • Nose – Row 1, column 1. Size one bigger and move 1 up.
  • Mouth – Page 1, row 2, column 2.
  • Glasses – Row 2, column 3

Rachel Maddow Read more

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FFFF: Denver Airport

This isn’t supposed to be funny but I about died laughing watching this movie of a guy pointing out the hidden pagan phallic symbols in art at the Denver Airport:

Happy Friday!


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The Round-Up: June 14, 2011

All right, folks. Here’s what we were reading the last week:


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Toronto Pride Ad Draws Controversy

This year’s ad campaign for Toronto Pride is causing controversy in the LGBT blogosphere. The ad, part of a campaign called “Don’t Just Get Pumped, get Pride Pumped” features “Toronto fitness guru Brody” advertising his “Pride Pump” workout, which includes exercises like “Sexy Sparkle Crunches” and “Bangin’ Booty Butt Clenches”:

Toronto Life really didn’t like the video, saying it sets back the movement, and Queerty agreed it reinforces tired stereotypes. But PerezHilton and other blogs argue it’s just campy fun.

I asked folks on Twitter what they thought, and by and large the ones who responded weren’t really fans. One follower said she thought the biggest problem was poor execution, while another said her first response was, “Huh, sad.”

I didn’t find the Toronto Pride Pump ad particularly offensive, but I didn’t find it funny, either. And what annoyed me was that it reinforced the idea that Pride is all about gay men. There were a couple women in the video but they didn’t get a lot of play and didn’t really look like they were having fun. Organizers of the Trans March and Dyke March have often struggled for recognition next to the larger Pride parade and it would’ve been better to make an ad that exemplified a greater cross-section of the queer community.

What do you think of the ad?


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FFFF: That’s So Gay on the NBA


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The Round-Up: June 7, 2011


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Open Thread: Sex Ed

Reading the 24 Hours I came across this story: “Canadian Ignorant about HIV: Survey”, which discussed the results of a recent natural study that revealed only 50% of Canadians believe condoms to be effective against HIV transmission, when they’ve been shown to be 80% effective in stopping HIV transmission between heterosexuals.

I was surprised at the number too so I thought it was a good opportunity to have an open thread on sex ed.

I had my first sex ed class in Grade 6, for which my school brought in a local public health nurse. She also did sessions for classes in grades 8 and 9 at my Junior High. She addressed a range of issues, including same-sex sex, the use of dental dams for oral sex, and the normalcy of masturbation. In Grade 7 sex ed was part of our science curriculum and was taught by our teacher, who treated heterosexual sex as normal. In High School sex ed went from being part of gym class (a couple very awkward sessions where the gym teachers would put us in a room and show us videos like “Captain Condom” and one about a boy concerned about his penis size), to being part of Career and Personal Planning. I found the sessions run by the public health nurse much more honest, open, and useful than the ones teachers were forced into teaching.

So what was your experience? Some questions to start things off:

1. Where did you get most of your sex ed? (School, parents, friends, on your own on the internet?)

2. If you had sex ed in school, what was it like? Who taught it? Anything particularly memorable?

3. Were there particular topics that weren’t covered?



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