Don’t Be Just Another Slave Leia

Kaley Cuoco reminds feminerds there’s more to cosplay than Slave Leias in this nerd PSA:


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The Bizarre HST/Porn Advertising Connection

If you’re in BC right now there’s no way you’ve missed seeing the dueling stickmen ads around the current HST referendum.The Vote Yes (anti-HST) ads from the BC Federation of Labour at were created to parody the supposedly neutral but really pro-HST ads produced by the government for their site

But this article isn’t actually about the pros or cons of the HST; weirdly enough, it’s about porn. The government’s ad campaign is running a $5 million tab, some of which went to a company called KOKO Productions. Now KOKO is a Vancouver studio that’s done a lot of advertising work, but a quick look at their website’s advertised sample reels and their YouTube Page shows one of their past clients was Amour Adult Entertainment. For three days the HST videos and the ads for the porn company ran side by side on their YouTube page (as per screen cap above) until some folks drew attention to it on Twitter and the HST videos were quickly taken down from the YouTube channel, leaving only the Amour ads.

So onto the Amour ads themselves, because as you might expect they’re pretty degrading to women. So trigger warning for that, but they are SFW.

This one’s probably the worst, in which we see an audition where a more average-looking brunette actress gets passed over for a blonde woman who can’t act but is very chesty.  The tagline: “Amour: You Won’t Watch for the Acting”:

These ones go even further promoting the idea that what turns men on is what women look like on the outside, not their capabilities or what’s in their heads. These ads emphasize that the women in Amour’s movies not only can’t act, but are also supremely ditzy:

I wasn’t a fan of the government spending $5 million on ads promoting the HST to begin with, but if possible I’m even less thrilled knowing they could’ve easily seen that the same company produced these offensive Amour ads and still decided to go with them for the contract.


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The Round-Up: July 19, 2011

Any cool stories we missed? Post them in the comments below!
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Gender Focus 2nd Blogiversary!

Today’s marks the 2nd anniversaryof my first post here at Gender Focus, and I’m celebrating at least as much as these chinchillas. And congratulations to Cara – winner of the 2nd blogiversary giveaway. Cara will get to choose whether she wants a year’s subscription to Bitch Magazine or Bust Magazine.

Last year I blogged about some lessons I’d learned in the first year of blogging and a review of the year and I thought I’d do a similar thing this year.

First, some blog milestones:

November 2010 – Kaitlin became a regular contributor. Her first article deconstructed the idea that gropings are “non-violent” sexual assaults.

December 2010 – I migrated the blog over from to a platform, enabling greater ability to customize the design and content of the site.

December 2010 – Gender Focus was nominated in the 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards, where we placed 2nd in the categories Best Feminist Blog and Best LGBTQ blog. See my post-award interview here.

January 2011 – My friend Taylor became the first feminist guy to blog at Gender Focus, with his post on the last days of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown on MSNBC.

February 2011 – Published the year’s most popular non-giveaway post (both in terms of shares and comments): The Twitter Guide for Feminists.

February 2011 – My dad Gerald Hodge, a former Queens University prof, began writing posts for Gender Focus, becoming our first contributor who’s a senior.

April 2011 - Wrote an attempt at an April Fool’s Day post joking that I was shutting down Gender Focus in order to pursue my dream of developing Hornby Island Bingo as a board game. A surprising number of people bought it.

May 2011 – Farah Ghuznavi became our first international contributor with her posts on women living in Bangladesh.

May 2011 – I started a 24-part series of guest blogs for Bitch Magazine Blogs called Revenge of the Feminerd, which focused on gender and nerd culture.

June 2011 – I presented a course on feminism and the labour movement at the BC Federation of Labour’s youth retreat, Camp Jubilee.

June 2011 – I became a feminist blogger for Huffington Post Canada and Huffington Post Women.

June 2011 – We surpassed 1,000 fans on the Gender Focus Facebook page.

And a key lesson:

Not everything requires extensive commentary. I used to think there was no point posting something that was happening in the news or an example of a sexist ad or interesting event unless I had time to write a short essay explaining its importance. But in last year’s reflections I wrote about the importance of trusting your readers and this year I realized that sometimes providing a short sentence and some key information and/or pictures can be valuable too. Some things, like the sexist Tennis Canada Rogers Cup ad, speak for themselves. And it certainly beats not covering something at all for lack of time.

So thanks to everyone who’s been reading for the past year or two, and welcome to readers who joined us recently. I look forward to interacting with you over the next year too!



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FFFF: Onion’s White Girl to be Tried as a Black Man

One of my favourite videos from the Onion in the past year.


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Win: Tennis Canada to Change Ad

Good news! Saw on the Rachel Maddow blog that Tennis Canada has released a statement apologizing for their offensive “Come for the Ladies, Stay for the Legends” ad, which they will be pulling and replacing with this:

I’d say it’s a definite improvement, wouldn’t you? Thanks to everyone who sent complaints to Tennis Canada and the event sponsors.


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Tennis Canada Hits Low with Sexist Rogers Cup Ad

Email Tennis Canada at and let them know why this ad is really offensive:

From Feministing:

In response, Tennis Canada, who created the ad, says they’re taking the criticism “very seriously,” they’re not removing the ads or issuing an apology because the “legends” they’re referring to are legends because they’re retired and not because they’re men.

Yeah, but why are none of the “legends” women? To say this ad (and perhaps the tournament) wasn’t explicitly gendered and in a very distinct way, in a way that says that the hot tennis girls are fun to watch but the real show are the male pros, is not taking this criticism seriously at all — in fact, it’s straight up denying it.

Thanks to AdamantEve for the heads-up on this.



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