Round-Up: Apr. 14, 2015

by | April 14, 2015
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  • fork

    re: Ms., Mrs. or Miss

    This is like when Canada went metric. We couldn’t make people complete the transition. We still generally do height in inches, and we have both lbs and kg at the grocery store.

    I’m in the Maritimes and I’m disheartened by how many of my kids’ teachers still self-identify as Miss or Mrs. – a clear majority. To say nothing of how often people default to Mrs. when interacting with an older woman, or call women Mrs. (Husband’s Surname).

    “Ms.” was supposed to be the catch-all term, but it didn’t turn out that way because we couldn’t make people complete the transition. As someone once jokingly said, Miss is for unmarried women, Mrs. is for married women, and Ms. is for hairy-legged feminists.