The Round-Up: May 25, 2014

by | May 25, 2014
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Much of my emotional energy this weekend has gone to trying to process the UC Santa Barbara killings and the subsequent #YesAllWomen hashtag. The fabulous Roxanna Bennett is working on a post on the hashtag to go up in the next day or so, which I appreciate immensely, since I did not have it anywhere in me to write something. I’ve also bumped the round-up earlier to Sunday to share articles that I really appreciated by others on the tragedy, and why it can’t be written off as the work of a lone “madman”.

Trigger Warning for all of these links – discussion of violent misogyny, murder


And now, the rest of your round-up:

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  • Egalitarian

    “how the incident connects to the Men’s Rights Movement”

    The incident does not connect to the men’s rights movement at all.

    The forums he’s been found to have posted to, a bodybuilder forum and “PUAhate”, are not connected to the MRM.

    His youtube subscriptions, cited as proof of a connection, do not include a single men’s rights channel.

    Furthermore, none of his beliefs have anything to do with MRA views.

    There’s a reason why the sources you link to are unable to point to even one specific example of a link to the men’s rights movement. There is no such link.