Queen’s University Faculty Statement in Support of Feminist Activism

by | March 30, 2014
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Photo of Douglas Library at Queen's UniversityNote: the following is a statement signed by more than 80 Queen’s University faculty members in support of  “Feminist Enquiry, Association, and Activism”, released after the attack on student Danielle D’Entremont, a feminist activist who had been involved in protesting men’s rights activism on campus.

Thanks to Mary Louise Adams in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies for sending this in.

Faculty Statement in Support of Feminist Enquiry, Association, and Activism


We, the undersigned faculty at Queen’s University, believe in and strongly support feminist enquiry, association, Feminism has a long and complex history. It, like other political philosophies, has many variants, traditions and streams. Feminists rarely speak with one voice, and they are certainly not only female. But what we have in common is a commitment to equality of all kinds and an abhorrence of violence, both individual and systemic.

We see the marginalization of women as complex and intertwined with racialization, colonization, class inequalities, sexual orientation, and global location. Feminists agree that education is key to changing cultures of physical, emotional, and sexual violence and to maintaining hard won rights that must actively be protected.

We are outraged at the recent attack on a female Queen’s student, as we are at all acts of violence. We write to show our support for feminist students and feminist work at Queen’s and for everyone who speaks out against violence, discrimination, and injustice. We are proud to have the chance to work with students who are committed to social justice and equality.


(photo of Douglas Library at Queen’s University in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

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  • Make sure these issues are discuss in your gender studies!


  • Richard Lacy

    The attack on the student is worth condemning, and we are all united in this. Whether motivated by gender or not, it’s disgusting.

    But I’m disappointed you have not also condemned the censoring actions of the Queen’s students who attempted to shut down Dr. Fiamengo’s talk.

    If there is to be any kind of dialogue, people must be allowed to speak. The actions of one violent individual are no excuse to censor everyone.

  • keith douglas warren

    Thes are Faux-minists, NOT Feminists. Their batle cry is ‘We want to be on top now.’ They are not interested in equality. Take them down.

  • From your statement: “We write to show our support for feminist students and feminist work at Queen’s and for everyone who speaks out against violence, discrimination, and injustice.”

    I thank these Queens University professors who have written to show their support for EVERYONE who speaks out against violence, discrimination, and injustice, including the fine members of the reddit’s men’s rights commmunity.

    Consider checking out the reddit Men’s Rights FAQ. Here are some quotes from our reddit community members from the FAQ:

    “thought I had to share with the community that gave me a lot.” – an abused boy.

    “I was actually feeling very depressed and suicidal earlier .. Reading the posts I stumbled upon by accident here has dramatically improved my mood – one less thing that I don’t feel so isolated on. Thanks for allowing this community to exist!”

    “here you can find help and here we are all brothers and sisters that just want to make the world a better place.”

    “I want to stand up for mens rights. I grew up very oppressed, but never thought poorly of it that way. I always thought that being a man meant that I was supposed to be seen as a “pig” or worse.”

    “As a male survivor, I learned early on not to talk about it, because it makes me the butt of jokes and ridicule. It’s assumed that I wanted it, it’s assumed that I’m supposed to be some kind of insatiable horndog .. Thanks for being there to read a little bit of my f***** up story. Thanks for trying to do something about it. When I can’t stand up and talk about it, I’m glad that there are people who will.”

    “For the last 4 years my Sons Mother has been out of our life. She lives nearby and chooses to have nothing to do with him. .. I have been battling [prejudice] since his mother left when he was 2 years old.”

    “I want to talk about how I was suckered into a hate movement .. men are the enemy .. Paranoia and irrational hatred drives radical feminism. .. [I left because] I couldn’t stay that way with my integrity intact. ”

    “Hi Guys, I am [Liz] a journalist with a New York based digital news agency launching in two weeks .. For everyone who has responded: THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your stories are amazing and you are all brave to tell them.”

    “, I am a 23 year old man who happens to be gay, I am out and proud but it does not define me. … I want to say I’m overwhelmed with the positive reasponse, I did not now what to expect after what I was told about the MRM, I’m glad what I was told was wrong! I will be sticking around and contribute where I can.”

    “I am a gay man as well. The MRM is a movement I support.”

    Regardless of your coverage, our community will continue to stand with victims.

  • Tara

    Thanks to the faculty members who signed this. Talking to my feminist friends at Queen’s they were feeling burned out from being on the defensive and it means a lot to know their faculty supports them.

    When you look at some of the things the MRAs have been saying – even so called “facts” they’re promoting in these comments – show they are not interested in rational debate. When they do have legitimate issues like the fact that men die more in workplace accidents, they fail to see that feminism could actually help those things by breaking down the ideals of masculinity that try to force them to demonstrate toughness and aggression and to suppress emotions. The ideals of masculinity that cause those inequalities aren’t caused by feminism. In fact, feminists have fought to get more women into the trades and combat roles in the military – they did not make the system that kept women out.

    I would encourage MRAs to read Michael Kimmel’s Angry White Men to get a better sense of perspective on their key issues and to see how attacking feminism and promoting outdated gender norms will never help anyone.

    • James Nunya

      Tara, I’d say I was surprised by your words if I hadn’t heard them before. Unfortunately, I have. You have a number of things wrong in your statement.

      “attacking feminism and promoting outdated gender norms will never help anyone.”

      1. MRAs aren’t promoting “outdated gender norms.” In fact, they’re not promoting gender norms of any kind. The closest that I have ever heard is that people should be free to choose what works for them. If this means they choose to be “cismale” then, so be it, that is their choice. This is not a promotion of gender norms but rather a promotion of freedom of choice.

      2. When it is feminists attempting to blockade the public addressing of men’s issues, using feminism as their shield, how are we to address this issue without addressing the issue of feminism? Furthermore, there ARE varieties of feminism that deserve to be attacked. Saying that we shouldn’t attack feminism means we shouldn’t attack the forms of feminism (and feminists who support this kind of feminism) that advocate the gendercide of men (from 1/4 to 1/10th the current population).

      “When they do have legitimate issues like the fact that men die more in workplace accidents, they fail to see that feminism could actually help those things by breaking down the ideals of masculinity that try to force them to demonstrate toughness and aggression and to suppress emotions.”

      3. Why should we rely on feminism to address men’s issues? Do men not deserve their own voice? When there are such blatantly misandric sects of feminists within feminism why do you think it would behoove men to address our issues through feminism? We are not failing to see that feminism could help us. You are failing to see that feminism is riddled with opposition that would hinder us.

      4. Neither toughness, aggression, nor suppression of emotions are leading or even major causes of work place accidents. How you jumped from one to the other is beyond me. So how, exactly, would breaking down the form of masculinity that supports those traits assist in preventing workplace accidents? These traits are some of the many issues that stop men from receiving the assistance they might need to recover from these accidents. But outdated, poorly maintained, and generally improper safety equipment and guidelines are what generally cause workplace accidents.

      But then, you’d know these things if you actually listened to MRAs instead of parroting what you hear other feminists saying about them. (practically verbatim at that)

      Like feminism there are many different views within the MRA community. So I can not speak for all of them, only myself. These are my goals as a Men’s Rights Advocate (in no particular order).

      1. Rally against Feminist opposition of men’s rights and equality. (I’d say eliminate here too but that might be viewed as meaning to harm or kill and that’s not what I mean.)

      2. Eliminate the US draft (preferably) or at least have it imposed fairly and equally on both the state and federal level.

      3. Eliminate prejudices against men in the family court system.

      4. Eliminate prejudices against men in the Child Protective Services. (CPS works closely with the family court system and their prejudices go hand in hand. Each often base rulings on the assumptions and unverified claims of the other. But what I’d really like to see is the current CPS system thrown away entirely and a new one built in its place.)

      5. Eliminate the physical fitness double standard for men and women in the military (for the safety of everyone).

      6. Garner increased funding for men’s mental health issues/awareness so that it is more on par with what women receive. (In the hopes that the increased awareness and assistance will decrease the amount of depression and suicide within men.)

      7. Enforce change within the mental health community to be more inclusive of men’s mental dynamics. (I’m sorry if that’s not very clear, my understanding of the mental health lingo is still somewhat laymen. What I mean is that the human mind is as vast in its varieties as human sexuality is. But current understanding of mental and emotional health is based primarily on “feminine” aspects and, as such, it views many masculine aspects as being harmful. For instance, just because a man is aggressive doesn’t mean there’s automatically something wrong with him as aggressiveness is a normal function of the human psyche. But current mental health professionals will say there is and will try to make him more passive. I think this is wrong. As long as his aggressiveness is used in a healthy manner then I do not believe that it is a problem.)

      8. Garner more funds for male DV victims and their children. (While the situation in the US is not as bad as it is within Canada, the amount of money, energy, and resources spent on assisting women vs men is disproportionate to the amount of female victims vs male victims. I am not advocating reducing the amount spent on female victims but rather advocating the increase of funding for male victims.)

      9. Increase awareness of these issues.

      10. (Work on a way to word these issues so they’re easier to understand and write. lol)

      11. Garner increased funding for men’s physical health issues.

      12. Rally against feminist ideology that paints men as evil. (men can stop rape, all men are potential rapists, etc.)

  • Mark Neil

    Over 80 professors signed a document condemning the Duke Lacrosse boys after they were accussed of rape. We all know what came of that trial, yet not a one of those professors have ever apologized or recanted their involvement. Being a professor supportive of feminist ideology does not make you right.

  • Maitiu

    Over 80 professors made it clear that Queen’s University is not a safe, nor healthy, environment for male students.

    At least students now know how many people in positions of power and authority at Queen’s support sexist discrimination.

  • Oddly enough the only organizations interested in finding out the whole story behind this attack are from the MHRM.
    $2000.00 reward and feminists have been invited to increase that rewards and yet all we hear is crickets.
    Feminism wants to bury this in speculation and insinuation. They aren’t interested in the truth coming out.


    Dan Perrins,
    Canadian News Director , A Voice for Men.

  • Amanda Childress

    Sorry, you are actually in college? Womens’ Studies? Job Prospects? Retail, Barista, with student loans.