FFFF: The Amazing Invisible Woman

by | November 15, 2013
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Friday Feminist Funny Film logoA classic clip from The Fast Show. Why is it when women have something important to say, it sometimes seems like no one can hear them?

Transcript (after the jump):

Three men are trying to open a locked car. A woman comes up behind them and watches.

Man 1: What you want to do is you want to get a screwdriver, get it in behind there and, you know, force the lock up, like that.

Man 2: No, no, you’ll wreck the door. You want to get a coat hanger, put it down, and try and pop it up.

Man 3: Yeah, I thought of that but there’s nothing for it to get ahold of.

Man 2: Are you a member of the AA?

Man 3: No

Man 1: You could crash your window.

Man 3: I can’t do that.

Woman: Um, listen, I know what to do. You get a tennis ball, cut it in half, put it over the lock and then smash it with the palm of your hand and the air pressure forces the lock up. Um, there’s a sports shop just around the corner.

(they ignore her)

Man 1: Oh, I’ve got it. I know. You want to get a tennis ball, cut it in half, put the half over the lock there, give it a little tap with the palm of your hand, and the air pressure pops the lock up – you’re in! Bingo!

Man 3: Yeah?

Man 2: Yeah, there’s a sports shop just around the corner.

Man 1: Brilliant!

Man 3: Problem solved.

Woman: Um, can any of you actually hear me?

(h/t Feminist Philosophers)


  • Alison

    This is pretty funny for the overall point, but I don’t think the actual thing they’re saying works, and I think people kknow that so it’s kind of undermined to me.

    • Jarrah Hodge

      Yeah, I never thought of that. I think the overall point holds though.