All Out Says Living Your Olympic Dream Shouldn’t Mean Living a Lie

by | November 5, 2013
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Screen cap from "Love Always Wins" PSAby Jarrah Hodge

All Out is trying to mobilize people worldwide to push for a repeal of Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” laws ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Their #LoveAlwaysWins campaign kicks off with this ad that imagines what Sochi could be like for a lesbian or gay athlete.

If you’re interested in more about what went into the creation of this ad, All Out also has a behind-the-scenes video with interviews with the actors and creators. You can also sign All Out’s petition urging Putin and Russian politicians to repeal anti-gay laws.

Transcript (after the jump):

(text) The Russian government just made it a crime for gay people to show their love in public. This winter, Russia will host the Olympic Games.

(voiceover) We care a lot about Olympic values within the Olympic movement.It is no wonder since these are values that are not only critical to the success of the Olympic Games but also ones which underpin the activities of our organization. Whilst the Olympic games are the most visible manifestation of what we do we also endevour to bring joy to people’s lives each and every day, by bringing them sport and the values it teaches. From our Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect it is perhaps that of respect which stands out

(text) What if living your dream meant living a lie? The International Olympic Committee should honor its principles and condemn discrimination. Share this. Speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws. #LoveAlwaysWins

(h/t Towleroad)

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  • Alison

    I think the video is great but I have mixed feelings because as hard as it would be to be a gay athlete in the Olympics next year, it’s got to be just as hard or harder to be a gay Russian right now. I just hope everyone understands a “win” in this case would mean repealing the laws for good…not just making sure they don’t affect Olympians.

    • Jarrah Hodge

      Thanks, Alison! I totally see what you mean. There have been important points raised as well about the struggle in Russia getting much more attention than the ongoing struggle for gay rights in, say, Uganda. That said, I think the Olympics provide a strategic leverage point that needs to be acted on, and an ad like this might hit closer to home to people in North America and Europe. So I think it’s smart, but I definitely agree that the goal (which is the stated All Out mission) should be for a permanent repeal of the anti-gay “propaganda” laws so no Russian has to face criminal sanctions for being gay or lesbian.