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Disney Princesses sing to raise awareness of the gender pay gap! Pay equity for everyone – men, women and mermaids! Check out this new video from the 2-woman production company Tex Pats.

(h/t The Mary Sue)

Transcript (after the jump):

Ariel (singing to the tune of “Part of Your World”):

Look at my check, compared to his
We do the same job, in the same biz
Wouldn’t you think that we both
Should be paid, equally
Earned my degrees, the same honors I hold
Is it my lack of testosterone that brings in less gold?
Because the guy at that desk over there
He’s making more than me.
Is my productivity in question?
I work and I slave and I toil
You want overtime? I’ve got plenty
But who cares? No big deal
He makes more…
I wanna make as much as a man
Don’t want 77 cents to his dollar
Why does my vagina mean I get less pay?
You’d think in this era we’d come too far
This kind of inequality – it’s pretty sexist.
We aren’t residing in, the stone age

I dream of a world where we decide compensation based on only our minds
Equality, wish my earnings would be, the same as a man’s
What would I give not to be labeled as a man hater ?
Just for believing all humanity should be treated the same

I want to live in a world where I’m not accused of PMSing
Career women sick of giving away our 23 cents
And we want fight against the gender gap
Ask for a raise and get some answers
What’s a penis and why does it,
What’s the word?

When’s it our turn?
Time to be paid, paid for more than what’s in between our legs
Wish my paycheck would be as
Much as a man’s



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