The Round-Up: May 7, 2013

  • roundup3Farrah Khan at Shameless looks at the myths being challenged in the case of N.S., a woman who has spent years fighting for her right to testify while wearing a niqab against relatives she says molested her.
  • Angus Johnston of Student Activism responds to Niall Ferguson, who this past week caught flak for saying Keynes’ economic theories were short-sighted because he was gay.
  • A straight, 18-year-old girl from Texas is standing up against her principal’s attempt to stop her from supporting LGBT rights at school (Queerty).
  • Jezebel reports on a creepy new app for guys who want to play at being “pickup artists”.
  • Tennis legend Billie Jean King talks at NY Mag about Jason Collins and the lesbian athletes who came out or were outed before him.
  • A Saskatoon bridal shop owner asked a trans woman to leave because “we don’t allow men to wear dresses here” (Transgriot).
  • And Towleroad reports on the firing of a Toronto RE/MAX real estate agent for putting out a flyer advocating for “traditional families”.
  • Lauren Chief Elk does a great job eloquently expressing the concerns of many Indigenous women related to Eve Ensler’s V-Day One Billion Rising campaign. OBR Canadian Coordinator Tanisha Taitt responded and you can read that here (though it raises its own concerns) and later Eve Ensler also issued an apology. The discussion is far from over but I think these are important concerns to be familiar with for anyone involved in these events next year.
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