The Round-Up: Mar. 5, 2013

  • roundup3Amanda Hess at Slate looks at a study out of the University of Manitoba that looks at how men’s magazines sell images of masculinity to young and low-income men.
  • Jessica Luther at Shakesville talks about why we need a better response from white feminists against the Onions’ Quvenzhane Wallis tweet.
  • At Flurt! Courtney Cliff gives an update on establishment of gender-neutral washrooms at Canadian universities.
  • When we think about climate change, it’s important to look at the disproportionate impacts on people of colour (via The Root).
  • When talking about paid work and gender inequality, Kendra at The F Word asks if feminists are giving up on the struggle against capitalism and commodification.
  • A friend asked me to write something on the UFC’s first women’s MMA fight, but I haven’t had time so instead I suggest you check out this recap of the fight from The Mary Sue.
  • Colorlines shares new data showing women veterans who have experienced sexual trauma in the US military are among the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.
  • Loved this article by Tara M. at xojane on how to not be “that guy” when talking with your disabled friend.
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