The Round-Up: Feb. 12, 2013


  • Rose Aguilar writes at The Nation about a population we don’t often think about: homeless women over 50.
  • At SkepChick, Will looks at scientific arguments around the importance of sex vs. gender and explains why it’s too easy to argue that either biology or culture is more important in human development.
  • In a rare dose of common sense from the National Post, Jesse Kline weighs in on why the status quo of having no abortion law is probably the best-case scenario.
  • Via Ms. Magazine, a new version of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” has been reintroduced in Tennessee.
  • Gail Simone is working on a new DC project based on Occupy (via The Mary Sue).
  • To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Sylvia Plath, The Guardian has collected reflections from several prominent women writers on Plath’s legacy.
  • Queerty has some practical ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single person, or even just someone who doesn’t like the usual Valentine’s traditions.
  • Women getting into radio technology in the 1920s faced a significant backlash, Nerd Rage reports.
  • At SciFind, Alasdair Stuart suggests an alternate Doctor Who reality where all the Doctors are played by women. Would’ve liked to see some women of colour in there, but the list is geekily entertaining.
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