FFFF: Ordain a Lady

FFFFThe Women’s Ordination Conference released this “Call Me Maybe” parody video as part of their campaign to press the Catholic Church to allow women to be ordained as priests, bishops, and deacons.

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3 Responses to FFFF: Ordain a Lady

  1. Julianne Wiley

    It *is* wonderful in a crazy, doo-wop lollypop self-refuting more-bounce-to-the-ounce kinda way. I like the girl in the glasses and boots: that’d be me 44 years ago, fruitball at 17.

    I will offer this smidge in return:

    There once were some ladies whose mania
    Was liturgical extemporanea
    So when they get the urge
    They just go and liturge—
    And I am the Queen of Romania.

    • jarrahpenguin

      Love it!

  2. LittleFlowerLove

    St. Therese of Lisieux with all her beautiful humility and depth of love for the Catholic Church would have been saddened that she was being used in this way.


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