The Round-Up: Jan. 1, 2013

  • roundupIn the Guardian, Jill Filipovic takes aim at the Pope for meeting with and blessing Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, who has publicly supported and advocated for the bill that would make homosexuality a death-penalty crime in Uganda.
  • Feminerds everywhere breathed a sigh of relief as Gail Simone was hired back to DC’s Batgirl (via The Mary Sue).
  • Lake Effect lists 5 reasons we need to attract more women and people of colour to STEM fields.
  • At the Shameless Magazine blog, Shoshana Erlich shares her experience facing the steep costs of being a person with a disability in order to fit into a world designed by and for the non-disabled.
  • Trans people around the world broke ground and made headlines in 2012. Monica at TransGriot has collected her list of highlights.
  • Towleroad has picked the best LGBT movie characters of 2012.
  • And Women and Hollywood shares an A to Z list of women in film of 2012.
  • NPR reports on the challenges facing Mayas living in Mexico today and asks whether the attention around the supposed apocalypse prediction helped or hurt.
  • As someone who’s just getting into Dr. Who, I found this analysis, on the sexism & stereotyping in the series, by A Very Public Sociologist very interesting.
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