The Round-Up: Dec. 11, 2012

  • Mark at Slap Upside the Head reminds us about the Salvation Army’s anti-gay political lobbying and not to donate to them this holiday season.
  • The Telegraph looks at why ensuring women’s involvement in scientific research is important.
  • At the blog Requires Only That You Hate, an interesting analysis of the argument that sexism against men is real because women hitting men is used to comedic effect.
  • Are you a woman who’s sick of people (particularly straight white guys) being mean on the internet? Read and consider sending them this post at Women and Hollywood by comedian Jen Kirkman.
  • Keisha at Racialicious tackles some frequently asked questions and arguments on the Dutch figure Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), a man in blackface who accompanies and helps Sinterklaas on his gift-giving rounds.
  • Our Bodies, Our Blog weighs the pros and cons of making the birth control pill available without a prescription.
  • Anti-gay protestors in Kiev used tear gas on LGBT activists rallying against a proposed law banning “gay propaganda” (via Queerty).
  • The Ms. Magazine blog talks about Canada’s anti-abortion movement, which is actively looking to roll back reproductive rights.
  • Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera died last week in a plane crash. Colorlines remembers her activism fighting for the rights of immigrants, women, and LGBT youth.


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