The Round-Up: Sep. 18, 2012

  • Scientific American explores the pros and cons of “Barbie-fying” science to try to attract girls to STEM careers.
  • The women of the Rodriguez family in San Antonio, Texas have started a tire shop with all women employees (Good Morning America).
  • The Crunk Feminist Collective urges us to think of Chicago teachers as not just teachers, but also parents and community members themselves.
  • Join Fem2pt0, the AAUW, and Sandra Fluke on Twitter at 2 PM Eastern today to talk about mobilizing women for the November US election.
  • Graceishuman writes at PhD in Parenting about Cord Jefferson’s Gawker piece calling pedophilia a “sexual orientation”, and how this relates to the ethics of writing about child sexual abuse.
  • Melissa Silverstein of Women and Hollywood interviews Deepa Mehta, Canadian director of Midnight’s Children, at TIFF.
  • Jay at Grantland recaps the “summer of the female athlete” and considers whether this represents a tipping point in how women’s sports are reported and appreciated.
  • UK fashion models are working with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to campaign for rights and protection at work (The Guardian).
  • Marianne at RH Reality Check explains why she thinks both boys’ school underachievement and girls’ low self-esteem are caused by related issues.
  • A. Lynn at Nerdy Feminist looks at how the Texas rules for reminding women in bars about the risk of alcohol to fetuses relates to a bigger issue of viewing women as “pre-pregnant”.


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