New Twitter Guide for Feminists

by Jarrah Hodge

It’s been more than a year since I posted my first Twitter guide for feminists and back then I think I was still under 1,000 followers and even less immersed in Twitter than I am now. I wanted to do an updated version to fit in a few of the folks I missed last time and some new tweeps who have made a big impact on feminist Twitter activity.

This is not an exhaustive list but I hope it highlights some people who are using Twitter really effectively. One change to this list is some new categories: Violence Against Women, Feminist Moms, Allied Men and Gender Focus Contributors. I also split up Feminist News from Media Creation and Analysis.

So go ahead and click on the categories you’re interested in or scroll through the whole list below.


If there’s someone on Twitter who’s not on this list who you think is a feminist must-follow, please do comment below!

And if you’re not following me, I’m on there @jarrahpenguin.

Hashtags to Watch

  • #fem2 – Probably the most popular catch-all hashtag for feminist topics. One of my favourite sites, the blog Fem2pt0, actually grew out of the #fem2 hashtag!
  • #cdnfem – Though both this hashtag and #canfem are in use to discuss Canadian feminist issues, I’m going to call it for #cdnfem – it’s used much more frequently and I think we should stick to it.
  • #prochoice – Hashtag for pro-choice issues – US tweeps also sometimes use the related #waronwomen
  • #LGBT and its Canadian cousin #canqueer are the go-to hashtags for sharing and queer issues and news
  • #sheparty – This is a hashtag used for a weekly feminist discussion session hosted by the Women’s Media Center (@womensmediacntr) each Wednesday from 12-2 PM Pacific (3-5 Eastern). It’s a great way to use Twitter to network with other feminists and chat with special guests.


Feminist News

  • @msmagazine – Account for Ms. Magazine and the Ms. Blog.
  • @VitaminWomen – A centralized news source for women, “100% Kardashian-free, guaranteed”.
  • @Womens_Enews – A non-profit, international women’s news service.
  • @SeeJaneDo – A California-based organization that uses traditional and social media to tell the stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, with a goal of social change through women’s empowerment.


Media Analysis and Creation

  • @WomenActMedia – Women, Action, & the Media! is a US-based non-profit (that also has international chapters, including in Vancouver, BC -@wamvancity) dedicated to building a “movement for gender justice in the media”.
  • @bitchmedia – The Twitter account for the Portland-based Bitch Magazine and its blogs.
  • @femfreq – Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency Twitter account. Follow to keep track of her latest thoughts and projects, including the much-anticipated Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.
  • @nameitchangeit is a Women’s Media Centre campaign to end sexist media against women in politics. It’s especially good to watch in the run-up to the November election.
  • @RepresentPledge – The official Twitter account for Miss Representation.
  • @MediaActionCA – A relatively new Canadian organization putting together some really cool initiatives to talk about and challenge media representations of women and girls, including @RepresentMEdia, an upcoming campus campaign and film festival.
  • @jennpozner – Media critic and author of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV.
  • @BitchFlicks – Want to find feminist reviews of movies past, present, and future? Check out Bitch Flicks’ blog and Twitter account.



  • @jaclynf – Jaclyn Friedman, editor of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Sexual Power and a World Without Rape and author of What You Really, Really Want: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Shame-Free Sex and Safety. She’s also founder and Executive Director of Women, Action, & the Media (@WomenActMedia).
  • @rtraister – Rebecca Traister, Writer for Salon and author of Big Girls Don’t Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women.
  • @MargaretAtwood – She’s Margaret-freakin-Atwood. And she tweets her own tweets. And they are usually epic.
  • @peggyorenstein – Author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter and writer for NYT Magazine. She’s on a bit of a Twitter break as of August 2012 but I’m hoping she comes back because she’s very great to have Twitter discussions with.
  • @jessicavalenti – Founder of Feministing and author of some of my favourite books for introducing people to feminism.


Radical Handmaids

Canadian Organizations

  • @YWCA_Canada – YWCA Canada is Canada’s oldest women’s service organization, but they’re great at adapting to new technologies. In addition to tweeting, they recently came out with the seriously cool Safety Siren iPhone app.
  • @cdnwomenfdn – The Canadian Women’s Foundation is always on top of the latest feminist news on Twitter.
  • @AbortionRights – The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada works on protecting women’s abortion rights and improving access for Canadian women.
  • @ShamelessMag – Account for Shameless, the awesome Canadian magazine for teen girls.
  • @RadicalHandmaids – formed in response to the Conservative government’s attacks on women, including M-312. Combining pro-choice activism, Can-Lit, and amazing hats!


US Organizations

  • @PPact – With Planned Parenthood under attack by the Republicans, the Twitter feminist community has rallied around the organization and its official Twitter account.
  • @femmajority – The Feminist Majority Foundation on Twitter. You can also follow their news feed @feministnews and their youth wing, who organizes the amazing National Young Feminist Leadership Conference, at @FeministCampus.
  • @hollaback – Ending sexist street harassment using mobile technology.
  • @emilyslist – Trains and fundraises for progressive women candidates.
  • @RHRealityCheck – News, commentary, and often funny videos around reproductive and sexual health.


Canadian Individuals

  • @janniaragon – UVic feminist political scientist involved in all kinds of awesomeness on and off Twitter.
  • @judyrebick – Probably the most recognized Canadian feminist on Twitter given her history in the Canadian feminist movement and her current involvement with Occupy and the student movement in Quebec.
  • @SupriyaDwivedi – Quebec-based blogger who tweets about feminism, atheism, and politics.
  • @KarineMyrgianie – Karine works at the Girls Action Foundation and tweets on feminism and food, often in French.
  • @JulieSLalonde – Ontario feminist activist particularly involved in the struggle to end violence against women, particularly sexual assault.
  • @emmamwoolley – Toronto-based feminist commentator, plus social media and content manager.
  • @farrah_khan – Muslim feminist based in Toronto, working in the violence against women field.


Ileana Jimenez, aka @feministteacher

American Individuals

  • @ShelbyKnox – Shelby burst onto the feminist scene when she was featured in the 2005 documentary The Education of Shelby Knox. Since then she’s been a busy activist in the American feminist movement.
  • @feministteacher – Ileana Jimenez is, among other accomplishments, a high school teacher who’s managed to work feminism into her curriculum. She writes and tweets about feminism and education issues.
  • @jamiaw – Vice-President of programs at the Women’s Media Center. Tweets on feminist media activism
  • @TheSamhita – Samhita Mukopadhyay is Executive Editor at Feministing.
  • @KathaPollitt – Katha writes for The Nation and tweets on feminism, politics, and poetry.
  • @JessicaWakeman – The Frisky’s “ladyblogger” and all-around cool feminist tweep.


Global Feminists

  • @safeworld4women – Never miss an update on issues around violence against women worldwide.
  • @awid – The Association for Women’s Rights in Development.
  • @gabblog – Gender Across Borders is an international group of feminists who look at gender issues.
  • @PixelProject – The Pixel Project uses online tools to raise awareness of and money for ending violence against women worldwide.
  • @UN_Women – the UN twitter account for their work on gender equality.


The F Bomb

Feminist Blogs

  • @Shakestweetz – The account for Shakesville founder Melissa McEwan.
  • @feministing – The account for the popular feminist blog featuring news and pop culture deconstruction from up-and-coming young feminist bloggers.
  • @crunkfeminists – The Crunk Feminist Collective’s Twitter account, by and for “hip hop generation feminists of colour”.
  • @feministfatale – The always entertaining account for Melanie Klein and her blog Feminist Fatale.
  • @the_fbomb – For those who think there are no young feminists, The F Bomb proves you wrong with its insightful posts by teenage feminists.
  • @thefworduk – The F Word (UK) has tons of great content on feminist issues and news and their Twitter account reflects that quality.
  • @AdiosBarbie – “The body image site for every body” – does a great job making sure they’re outreaching to and engaging people of different races and sexual orientations in their discussions on body image, media, and beauty culture.



  • @racialicious – The account for the blog that’s “the intersection of MSNBC show or read her writing knows how incredibly smart and insightful Melissa Harris-Perry is talking about politics, race, and gender.
  • @colorlines – Up-to-the-minute tweets on racial justice issues and news.
  • @NativeApprops – Adrienne K. created the blog Native Appropriations and uses this Twitter account to share her thoughts on representations of Native Americans and appropriations of Indigenous culture.
  • @NYSHN – Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization run by “multiracial Two Spirit Indigenous hip hop feminist reproductive justice freedom fighter” @Jess_Danforth.



  • @JoeMyGod – The Twitter Account for the thorough and entertaining blog Joe.My.God.
  • @GLSEN – The US-based Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and it’s Vancouver-based counterpart @outinschools.
  • @xtra_canada – LGBT news, based in Canada.
  • @glaad – GLAAD helps us keep track of and discuss both positive and negative media portrayals of LGBT people.
  • @queeractivist – Queer feminist blogger Avory Faucette./li>


Girls Action Foundation

Empowering Girls

  • @SPARKSummit – The SPARK movement was designed to engage girls in discussions about healthy sexuality vs. objectification in order to challenge the damage caused by the media’s unhealthy sexualization of girls.
  • @pigtailpals – Melissa Wardy’s company and blog try to redefine girly to promote self-esteem and break down gender barriers for girls.
  • @_GirlsAction – Group working on programs for girls across Canada.
  • @girls_inc – Non-profit dedicated to empowering girls.
  • @RachelJSimmons – Author, educator, and founder of the Girls Leadership Institute.


 Violence Against Women

  • @AWHL – The Asaulted Women’s Helpline is an Ontario-wide crisis line that’s very active on Twitter.
  • @EverydaySexism – Everyday Sexism invites women from around the world to share their stories of the sexist incidents they experience on a regular basis – not totally about violence, but related and very interesting.
  • @EndingViolence – Battered Women’s Support Services does a great job using their web presence to work to end violence against women while also urging men to take on a role in the struggle.
  • @thelinecampaign – The Line Campaign does a great job raising awareness of rape culture and encouraging sexual empowerment.


Allied Men

  • @whiteribbon – The White Ribbon campaign (Canada) is a grassroots organization of men dedicated to discussing and fighting domestic violence and rape, partly through challenging how violence is encouraged by hegemonic masculinity.
  • @MenCanStopRape – is a DC-based organization with a similar focus – offering training and mobilizing men to end violence against women.
  • @ScotttMadin – Scott Madin is an avid tweeter and blogger. He’s also a moderator at Shakesville, which is very cool.
  • @JeffPerera – Jeff is the Program Manager at White Ribbon in Toronto and founder of @higherunlearnin, a blog dedicated to exploring how ideas of masculinity affect everyday life.


Feminist Moms

  • @TheMamaFesto – Avital blogs on many things, including motherhood and feminism, for her own blog and Ms. Magazine.
  • @phdinparenting – Annie blogs and tweets about the intersections between feminism, parenting, and social justice.
  • @anndouglas – Writes for the Toronto Star and Canadian Family and addresses issues around women and parenting.


Franchesca Ramsey

Bringing the Funny

  • @lizzwinstead – Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead posts hilarious tweets, often in the realm of feminist and social justice issues.
  • @andreagrimes – Andrea is a great feminist blogger but I put her in this section because her tweets are some of the most hilarious I’ve seen. She makes you laugh and think at the same time.
  • @gibblertron – Erin Gibson took over on The Current TV from Sarah Haskins and created a memorable “Modern Lady” campaign using humour to dissect pop culture representations of women. She also tweets and is damned funny.
  • @Chescaleigh – Franchesca Ramsey made the viral video Sh*t White Girls Say and she’s followed it up with more smart comedy.


Gender Focus Contributors!

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