The Round-Up: April 24, 2012

  • Dismayingly but  not shockingly, 6 federally-funded women’s health organizations including the Canadian Women’s Health Network learned this week they’ll have their funding cut by the Harper government in 2013.
  • Xtra reports that West Vancouver has joined the growing ranks of school districts who’ve passed an anti-homophobia policy.
  • Julia Serano responds to a Ms. article on trans feminism by pointing out it’s not a “conundrum” but simply one of many third-wave feminisms that takes an intersectional approach to understanding oppressions.
  • Maple Leaf’s owner Brian Burke is predicting the NHL will have an openly gay player within a year as a result of  efforts like the You Can Play campaign (via Towleroad)
  • GeekFeminism.Org suggests non-violent strategies for men to respond to other men’s harassment of women.
  • Jezebel reports on the Vatican’s crackdown on American nuns for allegedly lacking commitment to church doctrine, specifically the right to life.
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has said he’s skipping Pride again this year. The Toronto Star says he’s clearly out-of-touch with the City (though I don’t know that this surprises people at this point).
  • Black former Sociology Professor David Pilgrim has amassed the nation’s largest collection of segregation-era artifacts in the new Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, recently opened at Michigan’s Ferris State University (story via the Huffington Post).
  • Did you miss Melissa Harris-Perry’s roundtable on being transgender in America? Check it out at Bitch.
  • Jorge at Colorlines talks about what it means that “Think Like a Man” has defied studio skeptics that think movies featuring black casts can’t sell.


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