Yet More Sh*t People Say

by | January 16, 2012
filed under Feminism, Pop Culture, Racism

It’s the meme that keeps on giving. Here’s part II of some of the more progressive, clever, and illuminating Sh*t People Say videos. (See the first part here).

Sh*t White People Say to Asian People:

Sh*t Straight Girls Say… to Lesbians:

Sh*t White Girls Say to Arab Girls:

And Sh*t Everyone Says to Feminists (the most common I get is just – ‘Can’t you feminists just take a joke?’):


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  • Andi

    I’ve really been loving these videos but did you see this Guardian article about it?

    That’s why I’m glad most of the videos you posted aren’t just targeting white women. It’s weird and very unfair to single out white women as the ones perpetuating these stereotypes when men are at least equally responsible. Anyway, would be interested to know what you think.

    • jarrahpenguin

      Hey Andi,

      Thanks so much for that link. I hadn’t seen that article and I think it captured perfectly some of my thoughts about the meme. I really hope guys watching videos like Ramsey’s don’t take it as a “this isn’t about me” thing because it’s “Sh*t Girls Say…” I hope they don’t feel let off the hook. And that’s partly why I’ve tried share some “Sh*t People Say” responses. Basically I think it’s useful to note and question the acceptability of poking fun at girls as a group. But I also don’t want to get into a competition of who’s more oppressed. The people in the videos I’ve posted are by and large talking about things they have experienced and it’s valuable to listen to that.