Win: Tennis Canada to Change Ad

by | July 14, 2011
filed under Can-Con, Feminism, Pop Culture

Good news! Saw on the Rachel Maddow blog that Tennis Canada has released a statement apologizing for their offensive “Come for the Ladies, Stay for the Legends” ad, which they will be pulling and replacing with this:

I’d say it’s a definite improvement, wouldn’t you? Thanks to everyone who sent complaints to Tennis Canada and the event sponsors.


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  • sara

    Thanks for posting about this! I travel through St. George station in Toronto every day and that’s where I saw the original ad. I seethed with rage for the same reasons your first post cited (women aren’t/can’t be legends? the ladies are just sexy fun and not real athletes, so the real show is the male pros). This week, I was really surprised to see that the copy had changed, now pleased that I know why. Good on everyone who complained.