Sketchy Dating Advice for Girls from Joe Biden

by | January 7, 2011
filed under Feminism, Politics

Apparently US Vice President Joe Biden’s favourite piece of advice for young girls is “No dating/men until you’re 30”.  Buddy, you’re the Vice President of the United States! How about dispensing with the unfunny paternalistic jokes that imply daughters are their father’s property and instead start encouraging girls to get involved in the political process or follow their dreams or something?


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  • Roo

    I’m pretty sure it’s just meant to be a cute little joke. Also for anyone who’s ever had to deal with the public over and over again in massive lines…sometimes you just use the same dumb joke because it works and it gets a laugh and it’s easier than trying to have a life changing conversation at what is essentially a photo op.

    I think insinuating that he’s implying daughters are there fathers property is sort of a leap from probably where I would assume his intentions with that comment lied.

    Just offering a different perspective :)

    • jarrahpenguin

      Hey Roo,

      Thanks for your perspective! I totally agree he meant it as a harmless joke, but I still find it creepy. I don’t think he was seriously suggesting no one let their daughters date, but I also don’t find the suggestion funny. Given that he’s the Vice-President, he has staff to help him craft these type of videotaped interactions and I think it would behoove him to take the authority of his position seriously when interacting with children, even the children of senators. You’re right that he doesn’t need to have a life-changing conversation, but maybe he could find a joke that doesn’t assume all dads are uncomfortable with their daughters dating and that’s just the way things are and should be.

  • Roo

    for sure…I 100% agree that he’s in a position where it would be a lot better if he used that time to say something of value.

    • jarrahpenguin

      But I think you’re also totally right to point out the situation (photo-op). It’s not like he’s giving a public statement from a podium, addressing the nation’s daughters. That’s why I find it more creepy yet entertaining, rather than horrifying or something.