Baby Scan Jesus and Other Weird Anti-Choice Ads

by | December 14, 2010
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I’ve seen a lot of  anti-choice ads, and most of them have some level of weird-creepiness. There are the racist and sexist Genocide Awareness Project campus displays (warning: link contains graphic images) which compare aborted fetuses to Holocaust victims. There are the deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Centre ads listed under abortion services in many phone and web directories. There’s the highly illogical Superbowl ad by that got rejected, which was to feature an unborn baby Obama with the tagline: “Life: Imagine the Potential.”

But just in the last two days I’ve come across some of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. There’s this “Baby Scan Jesus” ad on British billboards (left).

“This is not a cluster of cells but a human person and it just happens to be the God man Jesus…. That is a very, very powerful statement that will strike a chord with the general population,” said John Smeaton of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, according to the Guardian.

I’m no theologian, but I’m not sure it’s a great idea to try to convince pregnant women they shouldn’t get an abortion because they might be carrying the next Messiah. And the baby with the halo in utero? Who thought that up?

And it just gets weirder. Saw this ad posted at Shakesville today, which reads: “Dad says I’m the CEO of the House.”

What does that even mean? Is the house a metaphor for the mother’s uterus? Is Dad God? At any rate, it seems like some paternal figure is the one making the important decisions here, regardless of the mom’s perspective on all this.

Another WTF ad I found via Plunderbund:

Finally, there’s this series of Russian ads I saw on Copyranter and Shakesville:

The text reads (left to right): “I will make you happy. If I’m born.” – “I will amaze you. If I’m born.” – “I will help you. If I’m born.” Melissa McEwan at Shakesville jokes: “Well, no one ever told me I could have a MAGIC baby! This changes EVERYTHING.”

So what do you think? Which is the weirdest? I’m kinda torn between the Russian magic babies and Baby Scan Jesus. Any others you’ve seen that aren’t included here? I’d love to see them.


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  • Jasmine

    The Russian magic babies are definitely weird!! Because everyone knows A. that babies make life fabulous (with the crying, and the being highly demanding, and the not sleeping, and the pooping, and all that wonderfulness) and B. the reason to have a baby is always to fulfill something missing in your life (i.e., to make you happy). Yikes!

    CEO baby is also strange. . . Seriously, what DOES that even mean?!

  • The worst anti-choice ad I’ve ever seen was in Mexico a couple of summers ago. It was a billboard with two cute little children holding hands, and then in big letters it said “If my sweetie had been aborted, I would have never fallen in love”. HAHAH fucking ridiculous….

  • marysia

    ah! that CEO one rubs me the wrong way. that smug corporate tie-wearing baby would sure make me think twice. yuck.

  • I can’t decide, they’re all equally offensive but the stimulus package is just strange. The Russian ad is bizarre. But the first ad that claims that cluster of cells is the God Man-wow. So many different things about that ad are just plain wrong.

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