New About-Face Article on Lolita Style

by | May 6, 2010
filed under Feminism, Pop Culture

I have a new column up at About-Face called “Empowerment…Lolita style?”

 This column came out of seeing a short documentary at the Women in Film Vancouver Film Festival. Here’s the trailer:

The column asks if it’s possible for women and girls to borrow fashion from Victorian and Rococo eras without bringing along at least some of the moral regulation of the times. I’m a bit unsure myself but I’d love to hear what you think. You can comment here or on the About-Face post!



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  • Roze

    Of course you can! We live in a time where overt femininity is a choice, not a requirement. In a time when skinny jeans and stiletto heels are considered womanly and sexy, Victorian fashion is a direct rebuttal, saying “We’ll feel how we want in what we want, thank you!”

    I feel extremely empowered when I don my Gothic Lolita clothing.