Sad Women Follow-Up and a Cat Story

Since I wrote the post a little while back about the anti-feminist response seen after the report came out showing women are less happy now than they were in the 1970s, I came across some pretty wicked responses I thought I’d post links to:

Okay and this is not strictly related but I had to put a link to this story about a cat named Krillen, who survived 19 hours in his owners’ freezer:

Her partner Sid Sisson had shut the top-loading freezer the night before, not realising Krillen was inside.

On discovering the 1-year-old Sarah feared the worst, as the freezer is kept on its coldest setting, about -18C.

Fortunately, Sid, 28, knew it was essential to raise the body temperature of hypothermia sufferers slowly. So he put the cat under his shirt and got into bed with him.

The dairy farmer kept Krillen under blankets and against his bare chest for three hours until he thawed out.

Ok it’s pretty much not at all related. New question for guys to be asked on dating websites: “How long are you willing to hold my frozen cat to your chest for if it may save his life?”

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